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October 2012 Events

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012


  • Wed. Oct. 3, 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm  Presidential Debate Watch Party – 9635 Forest Ridge Dr Clarkston, MI 48348-4156, (McCue residence)
  • Wed. Oct. 17, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm NODC October Meeting at C-Pub (a.k.a Clansman Gaelic Pub) 2325 Joslyn Rd., Lake Orion, Michigan 48360 – Jim Nash, candidate for Oakland Cty Water Resources Commissioner is invited.  Other guests to be announced.
  • Thurs. Oct. 18, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm – Taste of Oakland at Club Venetian, 29310 John R. Madison Heights, MI 48071  – The NODC will have a table, and if you join us tickets are $35 otherwise the will be $50 at the door.  This is a fundraiser for the Oakland County Democratic Party to help recover court costs resulting from the GOP power grab of the Oakland County Commissioner redistricting process.
  • Sat. Oct 20, Noon to 6:00 pm Political Art Show in Lake Orion, at Diamond Dave’s Creative Jewelers 416 South Broadway (Lapeer RD / M-24), Lake Orion  There should be some some ecological and financial equality artists coming!


NODC State Card – Vote Tues. Nov 6 or AV!

Barack Obama, President of the USA

Joe Biden, Vice President of the USA
~~Congressional ~~
Debbie Stabenow U.S. Senate
Lance Enderle U.S. House (8th Congress District)
Neil Billington, State Rep. Dist 43
Tom Crawford, State Rep. Dist. 44
Dan Sargent, State Rep. Dist. 46
Steve Losey, State Rep. Dist. 51

~~State Boards of Education~~
Michelle Fecteau, Michigan Board of Education
Lupe Ramos Montigny, MI Bd Educ
Mark Bernstein, University of Michigan Board of Regents
Shauna Ryder Diggs, UM Bd Regents
Joel Ferguson, Michigan State University Board of Trustees
Brian Mosallam, MSU Bd Trustees
Sandra Hughes O’Brien, Wayne State University Board of Governors
Kim Trent, WSU Bd Governors

 Andy Meisner, Treasurer
Jessica Cooper, Prosecuting Attorney
Kevin Howley, County Executive
Lisa Brown, Clerk & Register of Deeds
 Jane Boudreau, Sheriff
Jim Nash, Water Resources Commissioner


~~County Commissioners ~~
Jeff Vaught, District 1
Sherlynn Everly, District 2
Phillip Reid, District 4

~~ Township Supervisor ~~
Dale Smith, Holly
~~ Township Trustee ~~
Maria Lauinger, Brandon
Kevin Bushroe, Independence
Jeremy Mitchell, Independence
Mark Cornwell, Holly
Charlene Sutherby, Leonard
Thomas Willwerth, Rose

Vote the Non-Partisan Ballot!
~~ Nonpartisan Judicial Candidates ~~
~~ Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court ~~
Connie Marie Kelley
Bridget Mary McCormack
Sheila Johnson
~~ Oakland County Circuit Court, Non-Incumbent ~~
Karen McDonald
~~ Oakland County Circuit Court Incumbent ~~
Leo Bowman
Phyllis McMillen
Denise Langford Morris

Oakland County Community College Trustees (vote for two)
Randy Ston
Pamela Davis

~~ Ballot Proposals~~
Proposal 1 (Retain EM Law) – Vote No
Proposal 2 (Protect Collective Bargaining) – Vote Yes
Proposal 3 (25% x 2025 RES) – Vote Yes
Proposal 4 (In-Home Care Workers) – Vote Yes
Proposal 5 (2/3 Majority to enact taxes) – Vote No
Proposal 6 (International Bridge) – Vote No