Watershed Forum June 18th at the Orion Twp Library

Reminder: Saturday is the 8th Congressional District Meeting in Ortonville at the Brandon Twp Public Library, Community Room, from 10 AM to Noon.



June 12, 2009

Contact: Dan Keifer, Clinton River Watershed Council, dan@crwc.org

Tracy Jensen, North Oakland Democratic Club, tracyjensen3@gmail.com
The Clinton River Watershed Council and the North Oakland Democratic Club will be sponsoring a Watershed Forum at 6:30 pm on Thursday, June 18, 2009, at the Orion Township Public Library, 825 Joslyn Road, Lake Orion, MI. This discussion is nonpartisan and open to all members of the public. Attendants are urged to come late if unable to arrive by 6:30 pm.

The discussion will highlight the importance of watershed maintenance and include an update on the health of the Clinton River Watershed. Detailed topics will include stormwater runoff, phosphorus overload, and wetland permitting.

* Stormwater runoff: When it rains, water falls on impervious surfaces and picks up pollutants such as dirt, oils, grease, pesticides, fertilizers, and pet waste. These pollutants are carried by runoff to our drainage systems and eventually end up in our lakes and streams. Stormwater and its pollutants cause erosion, sedimentation, algae blooms, high bacteria counts, and other water quality impacts that affect aquatic habitat for fish and insects, threaten public health and recreation, and spoil the beauty of our rivers and streams.

* Phosphorus: Phosphorus is the primary nutrient of concern throughout the Clinton River Watershed. Sources of phosphorus include fertilizers from lawns, golf courses, failing septic systems, animal waste, and improper connections between sanitary and storm sewers. Excessive amounts of phosphorus cause aquatic plants to grow out of control and algae blooms are common. However, phosphorus runoff can be controlled in simple ways, and individual homeowners can greatly reduce this problem.

* Wetland permitting: Wetland permitting is an issue of prime importance as Michigan seeks to protect its resources while also managing severe funding cuts. Currently the wetland permitting program is under review and may be managed by the federal government in the future.

Panelists will include:

* Dan Keifer, Clinton River Watershed Council, moderating;

* Jeff Bednar, Anderson, Eckstein and Westrick Consulting Engineers;

* Dave Dortman, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Land & Water Management Division;

* Keith McCormack, Michigan Water Environment Association; and Hubbell, Roth, & Clark Consulting Engineers;

* Jim Wineka, Oakland County Water Resources Commission (formerly the Drain Commission).

Interested residents, groups, representatives of homeowners associations, and all lakefront homeowners are encouraged to attend and learn more about these issues that so directly affect our roads, our drinking water, our local lakes, and the Great Lakes.

The Clinton River Watershed Council provides programs and services in watershed management and stormwater education to protect, enhance, and celebrate the Clinton River, its watershed, and Lake St. Clair.

For more than 30 years, CRWC has served to coordinate the efforts of local governments, businesses, community groups and individuals in improving water quality, promoting innovative watershed management techniques, and celebrating the river as a natural and recreational resource.

The North Oakland Democratic Club serves the North Oakland County area of Addison, Brandon, Groveland, Holly, Independence, Orion, Oxford, Rose, and Springfield Townships.

The NODC, as a public service, frequently hosts speakers from area nonprofits, business, and both sides of the political aisle. Past speakers have included Lieutenant Governor John Cherry, County Clerk Ruth Johnson, and County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, as well as numerous candidates for office.

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