The McCain campaign is lying about their candidates’ records.

The McCain campaign is lying about their candidates’ records.

Today, they’re out with a new ad that pushes blatant lies to dress up these party-line politicians as agents of change.

Let’s set the record straight:

Palin was a supporter of the infamous Bridge to Nowhere — the symbol of the Republican culture of corruption — only turning her back on it after the project’s bloated pork-barrel waste was exposed.

In just six years, John McCain has voted for nearly $150 billion in earmarks — just like the Bridge to Nowhere.

Watch our hard-hitting response ad and share it with everyone you know.

The McCain campaign will say or do anything to sound like “mavericks” or reformers — but the record shows that their ticket is in lockstep with George Bush and his dead-end policies.

But a little straight talk cuts easily through these lies.

While the ad trumps up the pair’s reformer credentials, McCain and Palin are defending the very things they claim to fight against. How can they be trusted to change the same system they’ve exploited?

Barack Obama and Joe Biden understand the change we need in Washington.

Watch the ad and spread the truth to stop the McCain campaign’s lies right now:

Keep fighting the good fight,

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