Still time to become a Precinct Delegate

Delegates are elected in the 2008 primary election on Tuesday August 5th, and then serve for two years.

When you vote in the Primary on August 5th, be sure to mark the front and the back of the ballot, including for Democratic Precinct Delegates.

There is still time to help get the whole ticket elected by filing as a Write-In candidate. They must file with their local township Clerk before 4PM on Friday August 1.

First, you might want to check to see if people are already on the ballot for Precinct Delegate:

Write-In Candidates need to fill out Declaration of Intent forms—download at

To be eligible for election as a Precinct Delegate, you must have lived in the precinct you are seeking to represent as Delegate for at least 30 days preceding the August 5 primary election.

The primary role of a Precinct Delegate is to vote at County, Congressional District, and State Conventions, however Precinct Delegates can also coordinate volunteers to help with voter identification in their precincts.

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