Become a Precinct Delegate!

Precinct Delegates vote at the County Party, Congressional District and State Party Conventions.

Precinct Delegates elect Democratic Party leaders and support the Democratic Party.

The filing deadline to be on the August 5th Primary Ballot as a Precinct Delegate Candidate is Tuesday May 13th (4 PM), but don’t wait! Download the form, complete the form, and turn it in to your local or county clerk. Your signature must be Notarized when you sign it. Check with your Township Clerk to see if they can Notarize it for you.

Check the Oakland County Clerk’s web site to see if we need you to file for precinct delegate:

Don’t know your precinct? Find out here:

Township Clerks:
Phone (248) 628-3317 Pauline Bennett

Phone (248) 627-2851 B. Jean McCreery

Phone (248) 634-4152 Pamela Mazich

Phone (248) 634-9331 Ext. 301 Karin S. Winchester, CMC

Phone (248) 625-5111 Ext. 202 Shelagh VanderVeen

Phone (248) 391-0304 Ext. 104 Jill D. Bastian

Phone (248) 628-9787 Ext. 5 Clara J. Sanderson

Phone (248) 634-8701 Alison K. Kalcec

Phone (248) 846-6510 Nancy Strole

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